About Us

ABOUT US I have ten years of experience in developing software. I have work with customers to develop an online web application or desktop application according to their requirements. These systems may be Web Application, CMS, customized ERP for small businesses that organize data of an organization, save it, and retrieve whenever need to make some decisions for the future or in the current situation. I have a Quantitative technique degree that helps me to convert client requirements in mathematical terms that make it easy to implement in a system or program which is also based on the AI technique. I have an Economics and Philosophy degree which help to understand the problem In real term and an IT master degree which help to convert it into a computer algorithm and ultimately a computer system. I use AI in all my programming skills whenever needed. I also use my problem-solving skills. I always try to build solutions that are customized according to customer requirements. I have experience in mobile applications, local applications, web applications. I always stress cost reduction without compromising the quality of software I try to make a simple clean system with easy navigation which helps to attract more users because a good system needs to be understandable and simple navigation so that users can learn and use it easily and come again to use it. In fact, a system should be easy to use, as its motive is to solve the problem inefficiently for its user.